Today’s Gem: Rise and Thrive Today With These 3 Tips

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As you read this, the day is just starting or perhaps winding down. If it’s the former, how do you want to construct today? What will it look like, sound like, feel like?

If it’s the latter, recap the past 12 hours and ask yourself “what choices and actions led to this experience?”

Each morning something magical lies in front of us...a day that’s brand new. It’s never existed before this moment and never will again. Taking a moment to pause and take this thought in creates a sort of fragility within each moment… as though we hold the day in the palms of our hand with reverence.

We all have goals, dreams, and desires. These come to fruition through the methodical power of our daily rituals and choices. So how can we tap into the power we possess to create the realities we want? It’s simple… use the power of intentional moments throughout the day.

Here are three of my favorites… and the bonus is they only take about 10 seconds each:

1. Upon waking, before you fully open your eyes ask yourself “What is my desire for today?” The answer that comes to you might be intentions for your work and personal life or perhaps shifts in thinking and being. This is a biggie because it sets the tone for your entire day. If you don’t believe me, just experiment with it for one week and notice any subtle changes in how you experience the day with your own thoughts and interactions with others.

2. Next, pick out your own personal mantra composed of 3 words of how you want to “BE” during the day. These words might be the same for the next six months or change from day to day. Examples might be:

Lovely. Elegant. Compassionate Open. Intentional. Kind Authentic. Grounded. Patient 

(Extra Credit: Add an extra boost to this one by setting an alarm on your phone for midday with these three words to remind you to step into this mantra whenever you are triggered by situations or other people. Again, if this sounds too fluffy for you, just give it a try when you get thrown off your game. Literally, imagine yourself stepping into these words and see what happens.)

3. Finally, before you drift off to sleep, choose one question you want answered. Simply ask your inner guidance: “What do I need to know about XYZ?” You may be amazed at what answers come to you as you drift off to slumberland or via dreams remember upon waking.

(Extra Credit: Keep a dream journal by your bed. Research shows the moment we begin moving our bodies and thinking thoughts those valuable nuggets of wisdom from our dreams go POOF and are gone from the conscious mind.)

I’d love to hear any tips you have that set the tone for your best days. Please share below!

p.s. For tip #2 I have a document to help get you inspired regarding your “BE” words. Email me if you’d like a copy.

p.s.s. If you enjoyed today’s gem, please forward the email to anyone you know who would enjoy it as well.

Have a great weekend,



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