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Special Launch Offer

Your relationship with alcohol... How’s it working for you?

30-Days of Intentional Self Care

While the habit of alcohol may have a reputation for making us look elegant, chic & sexy, there is nothing elegant about...

  • Slurring words
  • Drunk texting
  • Alcohol fueled arguments
  • Overeating
  • Drinking and driving
  • 3 am heart racing
  • Waking up to cotton mouth
  • Feeling nauseous
  • Next day damage control
  • Bloating
  • Puffy eyes
  • Dark circles
  • Grumpiness
  • Impatience
  • Guilt
  • Shame
  • Heightened anxiety
  • Doing it all over again



Stop handing over your time, energy,
and resources to
alcohol..Start Living aN 
Intentional Life

Here are just a few of the benefits....
  • Inner peace
  • Deep sleep
  • Money in the bank
  • Clear eyes
  • More energy
  • Sharper Focus
  • Release weight
  • Heightened intuition
  • Less clutter
  • More patience
  • Easeful productivity
  • Looking beautiful
  • Feeling good


  • You’ve taken the quizzes that show you’re not an alcoholic, and you use it as permission to drink more than you know is right for your body.
  • You drink to relieve anxiety...& perfectionism 
  • You drain a lot of energy before, during, and after your drinking
  • You drink to escape undesirable feelings
  • You promise to give your body a break
  • You get anxiety about not having enough wine in the house
  • You wake up feeling bad about last night
  • You check the bottle to see how much you drank the night before
  • You wake up with “peach fuzz brain
  • You know intuitively you need to take a break or reduce
  • You just want to feel better physically, mentally, and emotionally


Is this the real you?

  • You immerse yourself in wellness.... and love yourself wholeheartedly.
  • You maintain a reservoir of energy, focus & clarity
  • You ease up on yourself and practice the art of acceptance.
  • You treat your body with tender loving care.
  • You happily find yourself saving money, time, and resources with ease.
  • You sleep like a baby.
  • You wake up buzzing with energy & gratitude.
  • You have the capacity to be mindful with all your senses.
  • You act upon your intuition and make decisions quicker and easier.
  • You feel better in your body and possess an aura of calm.

When You Join Sober Tranquility
30-Day Reset Program

Do you hear the tiny whispers from within requesting a change?
It's not always easy.

Change takes courage...and intentionality...and consistency.

The rewards, however, are beyond the imagination. 
Your vision for who you want to be is available to you right now. 
All it takes is one simple choice.
The choice to do something different.
Oftentimes when you decide to listen to yourself and what you truly need, a ripple effect of wellness within your entire world blossoms. If you don't believe in the power of you, perhaps a little motivation from our members will inspire you.
Review of Sober Tranquility 30 Day Reset
I invite you to learn how to choose mindfulness over alcohol for 30 days and
see what changes in your daily habits and life...

If you are drinking without thinking..... maybe it is  time to put alcohol on the back-burner?

Intuitive/Mindful Drinking....Begins with a Reset

This reset is more than just releasing alcohol…
self-care for your mind, body, and spirit.

Join Sober Tranquility 30-Day Reset

For Only $197

 Special One-Time Offer


"How does this compare to your monthly alcohol spending?"


30-Day Reset  

This is what you receive.... 


Each morning you'll receive access to a new day with the actual audio lessons Meg recorded at the beginning of her journey to help navigate her own roadblocks, inner critics, outdated stories, fears, and dreams. Within the audios are her personal stories, tools, resources, and ideas that helped her move from mindless drinking to mindful living.

Think of these lessons as the foundational "secret sauce" for enjoying the gift of this reset. Listen to them as many times as you want, go back to previous days, listen in your car, on a run or before bed.

Value $397


Every morning you’ll wake up to an email from Meg in your inbox touching base and offering connection and inspiration.

Value Priceless


You'll have immediate access to downloadable exercises that correspond with each days "Tranquility Talk." The more you can move the words and thoughts from your head on to paper the easier the reset becomes. in fact, it can become an adventure if you let it! As always, you are encouraged to share within the private membership site any thoughts, successes, or stories.

Value $27

Tranquility Diary

A quick and easy guide to tune in each day to your body, mind, and spirit. A powerful tool to notice and document trends and triggers... and what choices work for you.

Value $27

Marco Polo Interactive Video Chats

Bond with Meg and other community members each day via the FREE Marco Polo app. Not only can you watch different "lives" from others in real time or at your leisure, you're also provided the space to share your knowledge, resources, stories, and feedback as well. This community is all about creating positive and caring connection... and besides, it's fun!

Value Priceless

Mini live workshops

Meg provides daily connection, tips, and tools via Facebook and Marco Polo that fill you up with added inspiration between the weekly calls.    

Value Priceless


Be the first to have access to Meg’s interviews with experts on anxiety, energy work, decluttering, sound healings, relationships, mocktails and more!

Value Priceless


These are hosted within the membership site and are full of fabulous content. You will be part of 4 consecutive live classes and can watch each one as many times as you desire for inspiration and community. 

You'll be able to chat in real time with Meg during the call and continue to leave comments even after the class is archived. P.S. Once the reset is over, the calls go into the "Tranquility Library' and can be accessed anytime at your leisure. More on the ongoing community after you get into the swing of the reset.

Value $600

Private community of peers to support you

Upon joining the 30 Day Reset, you'll gain access to our private online community. This is a space to share and get to know one another. Offering your personal journey helps others stay inspired and motivated and creates an even deeper community.

Value Priceless

Total Value Over $997

Join Sober Tranquility 30-Day Reset

For Only $97

"How does this compare to your monthly alcohol spending?"

Here is a Peak Inside the Program...

“Tranquility Talk” Daily Audio Sample

“Weekly Live Call”
It's Not about the alcohol

“Heart To Heart”
Video Sample

“Heart To Heart”
Letting go of imperfection

Is Alcohol Taking The Edge Off...
Or Is It Actually Making You Edgy?

Are You Ready To Start Feeling The Way You Want To Feel?

If you're tired of waking up after a night of mindless drinking, eating, and binge watching (and actually only remembering bits and pieces,) maybe it's time for a reset. If those whispers within continue to say "let's make a change," maybe it's time to listen.

In order to experience the feelings you want to experience (present, grounded, calm, healthy, confident, happy ) perhaps it's time to let go of altering your mind and body on a nightly basis.

Seeking a sense of tranquility is usually why you reach for a drink and the irony is it creates the opposite effect shortly after the buzz wears off. In fact, you probably drink to feel more calm and present and taking a break from alcohol can actually create those feelings... with less calories too!

The thing is, you want to let go of the overwhelm, anxiety, loneliness... so you have a choice:
continue to choose alcohol as your coping mechanism or... try something new.

P.S. if you’re excited about experimenting with a reset you’re in the right place. If instead taking a break causes you to feel acutely nervous please consult an expert or call  800-729-6686

Sober Tranquility 30-Day Reset is not ...

  • A detox program
  • 12 Step Program
  • A program for anyone suffering from addiction

What Sober Tranquility 30-Day Reset Is...

  • A "Tenderness Project" towards yourself and others
  • An opportunity to reset, release, or reduce
  • Cultivating less anxiety and more peace
  • A fun community of compassionate, sensitive, and insightful people
  • A fun and healthy way to begin living more intentionally
  • Embodying the person you truly want to be
  • A gift to yourself


Is this program for me?

If you're a high functioning individual who is not an addict or dealing with addiction and are ready to take a break and reevaluate your relationship with alcohol, you're in the right place.

How does the program work?

Once you sign up, you begin receiving Day 1 content right away along with invitations into the Private Facebook community, Marco Polo, Weekly “Live with Meg”, and other goodies. For the first 30 days you'll receive each day's lesson and once the reset is over, you have the option to stay on within the community where you continue to receive all the goodies...AND you then are granted access to all archived weekly lives prior to you joining the Reset. All of this is at a significantly reduced rate of $29.00 per month.

what Type of results should I expect

As with any program what you put in you’ll get out. If you’re feeling at the point that it’s time to take a reset go ahead and read some of the reviews from other members of the community. It’s our experience that if you put into play the homework, listen to the lessons, and participate fully in the community you will have success.


I hope this isn't like AA..

It’s not. If you feel like you are physically dependent or an addict, this program is probably not for you. AA helps so many people and Sober Tranquility is for women who see themselves in more of the "gray area" within the spectrum of drinking and alcohol dependency.


I need help right now.

If you feel in danger or in need of immediate help, call 911 or your physician for direction and support. This program is for individuals who do not have an addiction to alcohol but instead are wanting to take a break, reduce, or release the habit of alcohol.

When am I billed?

Your card is charged when you sign up for the program.

what is your cancellation policy?

If you are not satisfied with the program just email us within 7 days from when you started and you’ll be issued a full refund. (For example, if you joined on a Tuesday you have until Midnight the following Tuesday to cancel.)


I might want to drink during the reset

Remember this isn't about perfection it's about a thinking before you start drinking.  The goal is to set alcohol aside for enough time to feel the clarity you are looking for and truly evaluate your relationship with alcohol.



Are You Ready to Control Your Relationship with Alcohol?

Join Sober Tranquility 30-Day Reset

For Only $197

Special One-Time Offer


If you do the calculations on how much you spent on a monthly basis with alcohol going out and at the store this is most likely much less!