Meg’s Story

Alcohol wasn’t ruining my life…but it was stealing bits of my time, energy, and joy....


Before my personal
 Sober Tranquility Journey...

  • Tired
  • Grumpy
  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Body Aches
  • Bloated
  • Overweight
  • Anxiety Ridden
  • Fuzzy
  • Dark Circles Under Eyes
  • Achy Knees
  • Sporadic Sleep

AFTER my personal
 Sober Tranquility Journey...

My Life NoW!

  • Better Sleep
  • Happier
  • No Headaches
  • No Nausea
  • No Longer Achy
  • More Patient
  • 20 pounds thinner
  • Calmer
  • More Focused
  • Brighter Eyes
  • Feeling More Alive

Those Tiny Whispers Of Knowing.

For years I would wake up and ask myself, "what is one thing I can do to love myself today?"

Oftentimes it would be things like "drink more water... slow down.... stay in the moment...use compassionate self-talk" yet underneath there was always this little whisper of "moderate or just let go of alcohol."

The thing is I wasn't addicted to alcohol. I wasn't getting drunk every night. My drinking was more like a slow drip of weeknight drinking that entailed a few glasses of wine. The weekend? That's when a martini or 2 followed by a glass of wine was the norm.

I didn't have a problem quitting the daily habit when I wanted... I just couldn't get rid of the desire.

Sometimes I listened and would take a break only to return to the daily habit of drinking when the emotions I was trying to push down came bubbling up in the absence of the band aid of Pinot Noir or martinis.

In a way, my habit of Pinot Noir was like a bad relationship that promised so much in the short term but left much to be desired as the sun rose the following morning.

It wasn't until one Sunday morning when once again I was feeling what resembled a minor case of the flu did I pick up the phone and say yes to a friend who wanted me to join her on a 90 day experiment. I only committed to 30 days because 90 was too much to even contemplate. 

This time was different. Before I knew it, 90 days had flown by......


  • I choose feelings of calm vs. the next day's alcohol infused anxiety.
  • I love myself more than Mr. P (Pinot Noir that is.)
  • I've released weight...without changing anything else.
  • The sleep is too good to let go of (did you know that 4 hours of non-alcohol sleep is WAY better than 10 hours of tipsy sleep?!).
  • I am Intentional about loving myself AND acknowledging uncomfortable feelings vs. abandoning myself with a drink.
  • I give myself permission to have a glass of wine at a party or celebration... but so far simply the permission is as far as it goes as again, alcohol just doesn't hold the energy for me nor am I attracted to it.
  • I choose courage.
  • It works because instead of finding my joy in a dirty martini... I find it in what I call "tranquility treats."
  • I look at not drinking alcohol as a gift rather than a loss.
  • I feel lucky.
  • I use phrases like "I GET TO drink mocktails, feel amazing, and wake up refreshed tomorrow" vs. "I can't drink at the party and this sucks."
  • I don't view alcohol as "bad" - it's just neutral to me.
  • I realize Mr. P was simply offering a first class ticket to sweet escape on the hot air balloon of denial. The problem was the balloon eventually crashed the next morning.

Everyone is wired differently...

So you may just want to take a break or moderate.....

The thing is, you are the expert of you.

When you
get intentional about how you want to feel, you are able to make choices that support that and tailored to you.

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