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Meg Daly

Founder of Sober Tranquility

Founder of SOBER TRANQUILITY &Tranquility Talk Podcast

During the CoVid Pandemic Meg found herself relying on her nightly date with Mr. P (Pinot Noir) a bit too much. In fact, she couldn’t remember a night where she hadn’t had at least one glass of wine. She wasn’t an alcoholic but instead someone who was relying on the habit of alcohol to cover up overwhelm and stress. It wasn’t that alcohol was bad, it was her relationship with it that was stealing her time, energy, and joy.

A phone call one morning from a friend changed everything as they embarked on a 90 day experiment living an alcohol free life. Meg began creating daily audios and homework to keep them on track and before she knew it, she blew past the 90 day mark without even realizing it. Word began to spread about her results and quickly the Sober Tranquility community began to blossom.

What’s different about Meg’s approach is the focus isn’t on “giving up alcohol” but instead directing the focus towards the cultivation of more joy. After a 30 day reset where members release alcohol completely, they then make an intentional decision on whether they want to continue living alcohol free or moderate.

Sober Tranquility & Tranqulity Talks Podcast

Online community of women wanting to live life to the fullest

There’s a magical art to feeling good...

The Sober Tranquility community is for women inspired to reevaluate their relationship with alcohol. Think of it as a “Happiness Reset!” The benefits include better sleep, sharper focus, brighter eyes, clearer skin, heightened intuition, and an overall sense of feeling good. Members receive daily homework, audios, and videos along with weekly live workshops and access to industry experts.

The Tranquility Talk Podcast is an “oasis of calm” amidst the chaos of everyday life. During “Tranquility Tuesdays,” Meg shares her own experience and invites wellness, beauty and healing experts on the show to discuss everything from Feng Shui to Hypnosis. "Super Sober Saturdays” are devoted to topics around cultivating more joy by living more and drinking less.

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Recent Media Appearance

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Review of Sober Tranquility 30 Day Reset
Review of Sober Tranquility 30 Day Reset

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