Lessons From Audrey Hepburn

My niece Laura recently inspired me to start reading more. We were watching Netflix and she commented on how it’s chaotic watching a show, having the phone nearby, and trying to read. Too much stimulation was essentially her message. She then proceeded to tell me she reads about two books per week.

Ummm. Wow.

What I admire is her ability to know her limits and her ability to practice self-care on a regular basis.

After she left, I looked around my den and noticed all the books given to me as people were downsizing I have never read. Other stacks of books I had bought or were gifts also piled around my home half-read (or not at all) were begging me to open them and begin.

A thought raced through my head… “I bet if I had taken all the Netflix hours over the past year and dedicated even half of them to reading, these would all have been finished!”

So I made a promise to myself to read something, even for a few minutes, every day.

The first book I pulled off the shelf was a gift to me years ago by my friend Kristen. “What Would Audrey Do?” by Pamela Keogh. It’s a fun and inspiring book about Audrey Hepburn’s life.

What I find fascinating was her ability to relish life, be a wonderful friend, and fulfill her purpose in this world in an elegant way. She was in a league of her own yes due to her beauty and acting AND because she brought to life her internal beauty and magic to everyone and everything she touched.

And from the sounds of it, she was deeply empathic and highly sensitive.

In fact, she inspired my two most recent podcasts.

“Timeless Lessons From Audrey Hepburn.”

Highlights of this episode…

  • How to become the movie star of your own life
  • Beautifying your interior life
  • Ways to bring create a haven out of a home
  • Tips for trying times

“3 Unique Ways To Stop Rushing.”

While I don’t reference AH in this episode, her gift of mindfulness and doing one thing at a time (note to self Meg… quit washing the dishes while on the phone with friends!) absolutely inspired it.

Highlights of this episode:

  • Why hugging a tree isn’t as goofy as you might think!
  • The power of sound in grounding your body and mind
  • A magical thing we do every day that if used wisely, can center us quickly

You can listen by clicking the links below.  I’m off to online yoga… and then reading 🙂

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