Feng Shui Your Energy🤗

This week I started thinking about… Feng Shui.

Good morning and happy Sunday. 

One of my favorite “home” books is by Jayme Barrett, Feng Shui Your Life. For those of you not familiar with the concept,my interpretation is it’s arranging a living space in a way that promotes a healthy flow of energy and balance which subsequently affects the people who live there in positive ways.

On the weekly workshop in the free Tranquility Talk community, we discussed using the idea of Feng Shui in relation to how you arrange your life and energy. (You can watch it here)

Things like… 

  • Your morning ritual
  • Organizing your schedule
  • Breathing
  • Intentionality about what you say yes to…and no to
  • Relishing in the simple pleasures

Life can start to feel like the same day over and over especially during times like these. The thing is, you have so much control over how you decide to feel. 

So if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed or a little stressed and in need of a little TLC, I’ve got you covered….

I have two questions for you…

  • What wears you down?
  • What fills you up?

It might be easy to pinpoint what drains your energy.

It’s not as easy sometimes to pinpoint what builds your energy when you are constantly in survive mode simply making it through the day. 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed, it’s amazing how taking action with this one exercise can shift your energy.  It’s simply devising a list of what makes you happy and then scheduling the list into your calendar. (p.s. if you need a few ideas to get you started, hop over to my blog and scroll to the bottom of the page to download “Meg’s Favorite Tranquility Treats.”)

So what exactly is tranquility? 

Yes it’s peace, joy, and happiness…And yet happiness tends to arrive in little joy bubbles along with other bubbles that aren’t always as fun.

Just as waves roll in from the ocean, so do the waves of frustration and overwhelm AND the waves of joy and happiness. When we get to a point where we’re strong enough to ground ourself and maintain that steadiness even in the unwanted waves, we learn to quit fighting with reality. That is when contentment shows up.

Unlike happiness, contentment is simply sinking into this ever present feeling that grounds us, holds us, and carries us through the turbulent times.

Reaching the space of tranquility is always available to you. 

So, just like you might arrange your furniture to feel more content at home, how are you arranging your diet, your schedule, your sleep? How are you incorporating contentment vs. overwhelm into your day?

I love rearranging my furniture. In fact, in my Sober Tranquility’s “Live More Drink Less” member workshop this past week, we talked about how rearranging your furniture can change your life. That may sound dramatic but I believe it!

Just as we rearrange furniture for better flow and energy in our living space, we can also rearrange the way we set up our life. We can rearrange the way we fuel up our energy.

Jayme’s book is not just an impeccably beautiful book. The content is useful…. so I’d like to share a few of my favorite messages from it.  

I dive deeper into each of these on the Tranquility Talk weekly workshop, but here are five of my favorite tips from Jayme on how to Feng Shui the actual experience of living…

1. Expect grace in every moment. 

Bet on gratitude, love, and abundance to show up every day. There are tiny miracles throughout the day in the form of simple pleasures like your morning cup of coffee, a conversation with a friend, a walk with your dog, etc.

Go on a treasure hunt for delights today and see what you find. What if you find moments of frustration and feeling triggered? Practice asking for grace then as well.

2. Trust Your Instincts

How often do you ignore the tiny whispers? 

“Sure of course I believe in intuition. I expect it to work for me. Do I trust it? Absolutely. Do I act on it? …Nope.”

Why? Because it’s difficult! You want to avoid the pain that sometimes comes with doing the things you know your soul is asking you to do. 

Trusting your instincts requires courage.

Courage is the price you pay for freedom or as Amelia Earhart says, “Courage is the price life extracts for granting peace.” 

3. Delight In The Small Miracles.

I love this.

For example, the sun came up and you didn’t have to do anything to make that happen. It just magically appeared. That is a miracle.

Having a breakthrough conversation with a friend. That’s a miracle. I recently had that myself with a dear friend of mine. We refer to our friendship as “gold star” as we have been able to navigate the ups and downs of friendship and learn so much about ourselves and each other through the process.

And of course, one of my all time favorite miracles is when The English Home magazine arrives in my mailbox six times each year. 🙂

The fact that it made it over the pond and into my hands makes me giddy. It’s also something my Mom and I bond over…I’m secretly creating my own community around this magazine by gifting it for Christmas to some girlfriends!

4. Move your body through dancing and singing. 

If you haven’t done either of these lately, I highly recommend it. Dancing or singing does something energetically to your spirit…and who cares if you have two left feet and a completely flat voice (my college roommate still calls asking if I will sing the Bryan Adams theme song from the movie Robin Hood because she needs to laugh 🙁

Music and movement lets your soul speak

I think it connects us to who we are at a deeper level. Not enough time? Try practicing one minute of joy by turning on the tunes before you start your work and see what happens.  

5. Eat Scrumptious and Healthy Food.

For so long, I tried every diet under the sun. I tried the HCG diet where I would literally shoot stuff into my belly with a little needle. Yikes!

Yes, I lost a ton of weight. And guess what? I gained it all back within a couple of years.

I have learned instead to stay on the love diet. It’s the only thing that’s ever worked for me. It’s super simple and it goes likes this…

  • If I loved my body, what would I eat (and drink!) right now?
  • What would love choose for me right now? 
  • What is my body telling me it needs (not wants! 🙂 )

You’re the guru of you.

You know what works for your body and what doesn’t. If you eat the entire bag of Doritos you now how you’ll feel. If you have a handful of Doritos and a salad, you’ll also know how you’ll feel.

Make eating an adventure. When you sit down to your meals, make it a ritual with an actual table setting. My Mom does this for her and my Dad each night. It’s a sacred ritual with cloth napkins, a set table, and sometimes even candles.

There you go!

This week, pay attention to how you are managing your energy, your schedule, and your life. 

  • Choose love vs. “being right.”
  • Stay positive and keep the faith. 
  • Surround yourself with people and choices that light you up.

Speaking of community, join me here for a special (and free) Friday workshop each week where I share more ideas around lovely little things, tender loving care, and everything calm & cozy.

If you love podcasts, I just got on Itunes! Grab more inspiration during the week while getting ready in the morning, during drive time, or just out on a walk.  Here is the first episode.

I want you to know how much you mean to me and how honored I am to be invited into your life each week. You allow me the space to create my own “three pines” and I love you for that.

Have a wonderful day and week. See you over at the podcast or on the blog next week!



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